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Bollywood Movies You Should Not Watch with Family and Parents

  • Bollywood Hot Movies Which You Simply Can't Watch With Your.
    If you think Bollywood means only Sooraj Barjatiya’s films, then you’re going all wrong, my dear. You definitely wish to switch the channel and see ‘Grand Masti’ if mom and dad are not around. Now, it is true that today’s Hindi movies are much more mature than the old time movies. But, some of them are so awkward that you can’t see with your parents. And we all know that our parents can allow violence but have taboo for ... scenes. Let’s have a look on Bollywood bold movies which you can tune up while parents are not at home.
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    Bollywood Movies You Should Not Watch with Family and Parents | Urdu/Hindi | PointPlay Pk
    Jism (Series)- Well! You know what this series have. The first movie was too successful with the steaming hot scenes between John Abraham and Bipasha Basu. Want to watch ‘Jism 2’? It has only Sunny Leone. Period!
    Dev D–If you have seen it you will understand how the genius of Anurag Kashyap successfully recreated the modern rendition of ‘Devdas’. The storyline demanded the steamy scenes and the actors were worthy enough to portray that on screen.
    Hunterr– While a film deals with pre-marital ..., sex education and lots of other ‘sexy’ things; it becomes uncomfortable to watch with parents. Why to give them heart attack? Get a DVD and go to your friend’s place.
    Grand Masti–Another sequel of its disastrous prequel ‘Masti’. How will these directors understand that sexual innuendoes can’t make a movie hit? We will suggest you not to watch such adult movies in Bollywood at all which are nothing but vulgarity.
    Kya Kool Hain Hum (Series)- This is a movie not one should watch with parents and family. If you can’t handle sex comedy it becomes vulgar. ‘Kya Kool hai Hum’ and its sequel ‘Kya Super Kool hai Hum’ are the actual evidence of that. Watch at your own risk.
    Ragini MMS–We don’t understand why Bollywood make such nonsensical horror movies repeatedly? Was the part one not enough disgusting that they made the sequel (Ragini MMS 2)? Yeah, we understand they wanted to launch Sunny Leone. Never think of watching it with parents.
    Delhi Belly–This is one of the A rated Hindi movies. The treatment, story line, acting, dialogues (loads of slang)- all was a perfect packaged presentation of youth problems. You can watch it with your parents if you can resist your ears to turn red.
    Hate Story (Series)- We don’t know why Vishal Pandya is scaring us by giving the news of ‘Hate Story 4’. Weren’t the first three enough to torture the viewers? You can’t even tolerate the series alone and please don’t torture your parents.
    Parched- Storyline. 'Parched' is a story about women set in the heart of parched rural landscape of Rajasthan, India. It traces the bittersweet tale of four ordinary women Rani, Lajjo, Bijli and Janaki.Four women in Gujarat talk about men, sex and life as they struggle with their individual demons."Parched" is vibrantly alive, full of color and light and movement and music. There is sex in this movie, and there is dancing, and there are vibrant fabrics
    Sins– This is one of the most controversial movies in the career of Shiney Ahuja. Many of you may not know but this movie talks only in one language- SEX. Obviously, you can’t watch this with parents.
    Gangs of Wasseypur–A realistic movie with shocking violence and steamy scenes- it is the formula of this movie. Though it is worthy to watch but never with parents. Not yours, not any ones.
    B.A.Pass–Don’t watch it with your mother, else she will start suspecting your tutor or your neighbor. Who knows if she has a Shilpa Shukla beside your house who can teach her son the incredible art form (art of making love)!!!
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